Tank Leak Detection System

Tank Leak Detection System

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OPW 1500 Tank Gauging System Features

  • Connectivity - Smart Talk software connects fuel tanks with back-office computers, providing enhanced inventory and compliance management for multiple sites
  • Automated - Segmented Leak Detection (SLD) software provides continuous testing so 24-hour operations never have to shut down for 0.2 gph compliance testing
  • Convenience - Automatic reports: Delivery, Inventory, Alarm Status, Leak Test history and more
  • Intuitive - Diagnostic codes displayed on the console tell service technicians what is wrong
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Alphanumeric keypad
  • Continuous monitoring for up to 12 tanks
  • Console diagnostic codes
  • Rolling 250-event troubleshooting history

Regulatory Compliance

  • Segmented Leak Testing (SLD) for 24-hour sites
  • For tanks, sumps, wells, lines
  • Programmable leak tests (daily, weekly, monthly, continuously, or on demand)
  • Selectable leak rates 0.2 gph (0.76 lph), 0.1 gph (0.38 lph)
  • Automatic notification of compliance deadlines

Inventory Management

  • Fuel height and volume
  • Shift reports
  • Automatic fuel delivery reports

Reporting Capabilities

  • Shift reports can be programmed to be stored automatically three times daily. The information can be displayed via the on-site computer, off-site computer or printed on the system printer.
  • On-demand reports: Inventory Status, Shift Report, Delivery Status, Alarm Status, Sensor Status, Generator Usage History, Event History, Leak Test History

Self-monitoring Capabilities

  • Designed to minimize service time and costs
  • Rolling 250-event detailed history aids in trouble shooting

Comprehensive Programmable Alarms

  • High Product
  • Low Product
  • High Water
  • Theft
  • Leak Test Failed
  • Leak Test Required
  • Modern auto-dial feature sends alarms to remote computer automatically

Stand-by Generator

  • Programmable option available in standard software
  • Generator usage and history reports, including start time, stop time, and fuel usage provided after generator
  • operation
  • System handles a mix of standard and stand-by generator tanks at the same time

Serial Communications

  • Local and modem ports standard