Automatic Fuel Tank Gauge Systems

Automatic Fuel Tank Gauge Systems

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These Automatic Fuel Tank Gauge Systems is one strong platform to meet all your needs for delivery, unloading and inventory information. Just touch the screen you can easily acquire all the data to help you improve management efficiency.

Automatic Fuel Tank Gauge Systems

Whenever you need accurate inventory, delivery & unloading data, all are here!

Automatic Measurement : oil level; water level; temperature; volume; 

Scientific Management : Shifting of duty; Oil reload record; report generation and print

Security Surveillance : high or low oil levelempty tank problems will not happen; water level; *temperature monitoring and warning system.

Environmental Monitoring : Oil leak detecting and warning system

Data Sharing : Automatic data transfer with other information system, to expend management function solutions

Tank Gauge System Solution Solution = Probe + Console

Console with touch screen


Accurately monitoring the delivery, unloading and inventory of oil in the tank

User defined Alarm and system auto alarm

Can set the parameter directly through Console

It can be connect to the PC , can monitoring the delivery,unloading and inventory of oil in the tank on the PC by PC Remote, print on PC

All the data and report can be exported, and can be save in PC files